Thursday, January 30, 2014

Earthragz MONKEY Sweater

Made From 100% Recycled Fibers
Hand Knitted Wool Blend Sweaters
Awesome 3-Dimensional Designs

Order a 6 piece Prepack by design (2Sm, 2Md, 1Lg, 1XL)
-Sm = 2-3 years
-Md = 4-5 years
-Lg = 6-7 years
-XL = 8-9 years
- 50% Wool, 50% Cotton
- Hand or Machine wash
- Made in Ecuador

      All of our sweaters are HAND KNITTED in Ecuador by artisan                     families. It can take a person up to a week to knit an intricate design.          Since the art of Hand Knitting has been passed through generations,            these artisan families are very skillful. They use their imagination and           feelings to create every garment. Every sweater that you purchase will           directly help support these families.

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  1. How do we purchase the sweaters? I am looking for dog and horse. Thank you.