Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Grateful Dead Baja Hoodie with Dancing Bears

‪#‎EarthRagz‬ is proud to introduce our new ‪#‎GratefulDead‬ Striped‪#‎BajaHoodie‬ with the ‪#‎Dancing‬ ‪#‎Bears‬ design. A series of stylized‪#‎dancingbears‬ was drawn by Bob Thomas as part of the back cover for the album History of the ‪#‎Grateful‬ ‪#‎Dead‬, Volume One.
Brushed inside for extra softness our Baja Hoodie feature a front pocket to holds your stuff our keeps hands warm, V-neck and over head hood, breathable recycled fibers for warmth and comfort.