Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Meet our Baja...

A Baja is a Mexican Pullover that have one large pocket in the front, and are commonly use by surfers. The Baja is also known as Baja Jacket, Baja Sweatshirt, Baja Hoodie or Drug Rug. 
Earth Ragz provides the normal Baja Hoodie and the Baja Joe.

The difference between these kind of Baja's and the others Baja's in the market is that our Baja's are created with a variety of recycled materials like cotton, acrylic and polyester. The common Baja’s are normally made from 100% cotton, but Earth Ragz Baja's are made from 50% Acrylic, 40% Polyester and 10% Cotton. In other words, the Baja's
are totally made from Recycled Fibers, making it eco-friendly.

The Baja's are brushed inside with the best technology for extra softness.   

          Children's Baja

            Baja Joe

If you are more interested about our Baja you should visit Earthragz.com

Also here is a video called Meet our baja. 

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