Wednesday, June 5, 2013

World Environment Day "Warm yourself, not the Earth"

Today is World Environment Day. Remember "Warm yourself, not the Earth" visit

EARTH RAGZ©, a line of garments and blankets made with 100% recycled fibers. These products have become a phenomenon to the industry, virtually taking the active apparel market by storm.

All of our garments and blanket are made with "ecoyarns", an exceptional 100% environmentally friendly fabric with performance and technological properties. The fibers in this fabric are woven in a unique pattern to allow for extra breathability, while creating tiny pockets that store and maintain warm air. Extra napping of the fibers enhances the thermo-properties of the fabric for added warmth, comfort and texture.

Ramatex International's EARTH RAGZ© have helped to change the way consumers purchase products; instilling a consciousness about preserving the Earth, recycling and buying products made of recycled contents to close the loop. For every EARTH RAGZ© garment that you purchase, you are directly preventing 2.4 lbs. of textile material from going into landfills. This number increases to 7.2 lbs for every blanket you purchase.

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